21 Day Intentional Joy Challenge

Do you crave the clarity, confidence, and courage to live life on your terms? 

The 21-day Intentional Joy Challenge

Your new life begins: MONDAY, JUNE 25 2018 

Hey, I'm curious...  

Do you feel like there must be something more to this life of yours, but you’re not quite sure what… and you’re definitely not sure how to get it?  

Do you wonder how you got to this place—unfulfilled and not totally happy? You know you are strong and smart, so why do you feel so blah?  

Do you yearn to be happy, but your life just isn’t working out that way?  

  • Hi, my name is Susan. I spent years moving through my days in a haze. I wasn't miserable — in fact, I had a great life — but I could not honestly claim to be HAPPY. But I was happy enough to tell myself I had gotten all I was allowed to have. That was easier than making a change.
  • The years passed and I was more burnt out in my career by the day. I couldn't stand the thought of doing that kind of work for another 20 years — it literally drove me to tears. But instead of doing something about it, I numbed myself with food and drink, hoping that life would magically change.
  • Life doesn't work that way.  
  • If you want things to change, you have to change them.  
  • There is an old saying that if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got.  
  • The day I decided to live an intentionally joyful life was the day EVERYTHING changed. I discovered a secret... intentional joy isn't hard, but there are things you must do to acheive it. I'm sharing them with you in this 21 day challenge.  
  • If you are a smart, strong woman who is ready to adopt a few new habits in order to create an authentically happy life, this challenge is for you! 

What to expect

  • Expect to spend a little time per day to change your life: 15 minutes on your daily exercises and 30 minutes for a Facebook live. 
  • Expect to meet amazing women in the Facebook group with whom you can share your journey.
  • Expect to feel things shift inside you, an awakening of passions that may have been buried for years.
  • Expect to start seeing more good in your life even while you find the courage to change the things that aren't working anymore. 

What you get

  • Daily Facebook live class (recorded so you can watch it later if you need to) — $2,100 value
  • 3 "ask the coach anything" group coaching calls (also recorded so you can listen any time) — $1,500
  • Live workshop to dig deeper into strategies for chronic happiness — $500
  • Exercises to help you discover your very own Intentional Joy Rituals — the key to living a life of gutsy happiness — $500
  • Exercises to help you find clarity about your deepest desires, the confidence to go for it, and the courage to stay grounded and present on your journey — $800

Total value: $5,400

Challenge investment: $197

Yours for $47!

The Friday Happy Hour Special: $25

Your Coach

Susan Rose is a Happiness and Success Coach who guides women on the journey to claim the clarity, confidence, and courage to live an intentionally joyful life. She calls this gutsy happiness.

Susan has been helping people acheive their dreams for more than 15 years. 

Susan fun facts:

  • She is an introvert who does a lot of networking. 
  • She values freedom above just about everything. 
  • Sometimes she gets stuck and doesn't know how to move forward (but she does know how to get help from a high-vibe tribe of kickass women).
  • She loves her dogs, family, and SCUBA. 
  • Her deepest desire is to leave the world better than she found it.

Results from real clients...

"I was at a point in my life where I couldn’t handle the same anymore. I had to make that change. I needed genuine solutions to help better myself so I can be better in the world. I didn’t want to figure it out on my own; I wanted help from someone who has done it. I want other women to know they can do this if they really are ready."—Sam

"When I found Susan, I was feeling low on many levels. I don’t know if it was the Universe guiding me, or just perfect timing, but the program resonated with me. Everything made sense and I could do those things. Susan made me feel at ease and started sharing my feelings. IAs I went through the program, the exercises helped me change my thinking. I’m my own cheerleader now, and that's what I hoped for. It’s been great and I feel like the program was a success. I'm very grateful."—Nancy

"Susan’s challenge was inspiring and enlightening. Her warm, open leadership created a friendly and comfortable group environment. Her practical exercises and perceptive questions helped me to clarify my dreams, and to realize that with work I can make them happen. I leave her program with practical tools to work with on my own." — Felise

Let me answer your questions...

Why 21 days?

Studies show 21 days is how long it takes to form a new habit, and the key to intentional joy is the daily ritual you are going to create for yourself. Also, there is some other stuff I want to teach you and doing it in less than 21 days would just be too overwhelming.

I'm going on vacation (have a big project, am moving...) and I just won't be able to do everything. Can I enroll anyway?

Of course! Listen, we're all women with a lot on our plates. I guarantee that everyone in the challenge will miss at least one day for some reason. We're going for progress, not perfection. If you miss a day, just catch up. I'm going to leave the Facebook group up for you, so long after the challenge is officially over, women will be doing the work and sharing the results. 

If you wait for the PERFECT time to start, that time will never come. So just do it.

Why is this challenge only $47?

Because I want as MANY women as possible to take it. I know what I'm teaching gets results, and I want you to start living your life of intentional joy NOW. 

Why Facebook?

Because pretty much everyone on Earth has a Facebook account, which makes it the easiest way to connect with you. Best, the Facebook group will stay up even after the challenge is done so that you can continue to interact with the high-vibe friends you meet on this journey.

How will I get my exercises?

Good old fashioned email!

How will you know if I'm doing the work?

Well, if you don't show up in the group and participate, I'll have a pretty good idea. However, I'm going to have you do some homework along the way and submit it for accountability. Of course, you are an adult and don't have to do it. Really, this challenge is about giving you the tools and the tribe. How you work through the challenge is 100% up to you.

Disclaimer: Participation in this challenge does not guarantee results. Ultimately, whether you create a life of intentional joy or not is up to you and the actions you take.